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Samsung Mobile

The defining word of 21st century, ‘SMART’, has never been a way of life before and this word is best suited for samsung mobile. It is the celebrated word for the young, a way of change for the future. Smartness has opened doors to many possibilities which were merely a fiction in the past. This brainwave was the product of smart people, who brought into the world a newer, palm sized world of infinite opportunities.

Samsung smartphone is so big that it accounts for 17% of the South Korean GDP. It is so dominant, some call it the “second government” of South Korea. As Samsung has risen among the ranks, one must look back into history and see all the failed phone companies that made huge splashes when they first came out.

The game changers who transformed a cell phone into a smart phone were the South Korean star company, Samsung. Initially this company had diverse roots in many other industries like Apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, ships, and home appliances. Later it developed its branches into the world of electronics and thus contributed to the economy of the country. Apart from being the world’s largest television manufacturer since 2006.They also succeeded in becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. In the wide spectrum of electronics.They introduced Samsung Mobile Phones as one of the five business units, which paved way for the birth of smartphones.

The First Mobile Phone

Samsung Electronics launched the Telecommunication Network in 1977, and in 1983 it stepped forward into mobile telecommunications business hoping that this would become the company’s future driving factor. Initially the company had to compete with the big players like Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson which had upper hand in the market. After 2 years of R&D, Samsung developed its first mobile phone in 1988, the SH-100, which was the first mobile phone to be designed and manufactured in Korea. Initially the most important objective of the company’s marketing strategy was to prevent customers’ biased view that Samsung’s phone would be inferior to Motorola’s and also the view of mobile devices was very low.

After a change in marketing strategy and better innovation, Samsung mobile emerged in becoming the “Best Manufacturer” laurel twice awarded by the Mobile News Awards.An award that was initially presented to Nokia and Ericsson. In 2005, Samsung mobile surpassed its Japanese competitor, Sony, for the first time to become the world’s twentieth-largest and most popular consumer brand. In 2007, Samsung Electronics grew up to be the world’s second-largest mobile-phone maker, overtaking Motorola for the first time after a staggering growth of 40%. Thus it became known for its sophisticated design and distinguished functionality. As a symbol of popularity and diversity, Samsung has an entire town by its name in Seoul called Samsung Town.

The Samung Galaxy Series

Samsung mobile hoped that branding itself would change customers’ perview of Samsung’s mobile phone and boost up their trust. Samsung mobiles are now the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones driven by the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy series of devices. In April 2013, they opened a new universe of Galaxy series smartphone range, which revolutionized the idea of smartphone, other than the rivaling Apple iPhones. It is a line of mobile computing devices that are designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics using the Android operating system produced by Google. Samsung mobile is under the spotlight for becoming the biggest manufacturer of devices containing Google Android with a staggering 46% market share. With phones like Samsung galaxy S2, S3 to the latest & series phones, Samsung phones successfully rules as the hottest android phones in our search pages.

Smartphones with flexible screens, advances cameras, infrared support, multi-screen capabilities, has made Samsung mobiles ready right from entertainment to HD photos. Google Android is the Genie in the lamp of Samsung mobiles. This became the new style of smart.

With all the success chasing, in first quarter of 2012. Samsung mobile became the world’s largest mobile phone maker by unit sales, overtaking Nokia.which had been the market leader since 1998. Samsung opened a new rainbow of smart devices other than smartphones, as a result of innovation and improvisation. First arrived the Samsung galaxy Note Series, which is a series of Android-based high-end smartphones and high-end tablets used with a stylus pen. It’s large screens, enables note undertake and digital scrap-booking apps, and split-screen multitasking serves a sophisticated purpose than a smaller mobile phone. Much improvement led to the invasion of Samsung Galaxy Tab, without a stylus pen which came out in a lot of advanced models in consecutive years. As the horizon of smartness increased a hybrid between a phone and a tablet was made resulting in a Phablet. A class of smartphone with large screens that are introduced to improvise the functionality of a regular tablet with that of a smartphone, which earned a justifiable popularity to Samsung mobiles.

The Samsung Galaxy series has dominated the markets, and no phone comes close to matching it. Here are the picks for the best Samsung Galaxy phones in the market:

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone is the latest release of Samsung, and has already caused major waves in the industry. It’s trademark feature is its infinity screen which provides a surreal experience to on screen entertainment. The Galaxy S8 has introduced the next level of smartphone design. It has amazing cameras and a powerful performance. The device has a 5.8 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440×2960 pixels and a density of 569ppi. It runs on the Android 7.0 (Nougat) operating system. The smartphone has an internal storage of 64Gb and can be extended to 256Gb with a microSD card. It comes with a 12 mega pixel camera with phase detection autofocus, dual pixel autofocus, optical image stabilization and dual LED flash. It also has a 8 mega pixel camera on the front. The device is 4g compatible and comes with a range of connectivity options like Wifi, mobile hotspot, bluetooth, GPS, Glonass, NFC and USB Type C. The only drawback is its non removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

This smartphone is known for its security features like fingerprint scanner and powerful performance. It has 5.5 inch full HD IPS display with a pixel density of 401 ppi. The phone weighs 169 grams and 8.1 mm thick. Galaxy J7 Prime is powered by Android 6.1, Marshmallow operating system. It is powered by Samsung Exynos 7 octa 7870 SoC that has Cortex A53 octa core processor with a clock speed of 1.6GHz. It has a 3GB RAM. The phone comes with a 13 mega pixel rear camera and 8 mega pixel camera in the front. The rear camera is equipped with an LED flash, CMOS image sensor and autofocus feature. It has an internal memory of 16 GB with an option of extending it to up to 256 GB using a micro SD card. The device is 4g compatible and comes with a range of connectivity options like Wifi, mobile hotspot, bluetooth, GPS, Glonass, NFC and micro USV 2.0. This phone lacks a compass and gyroscope and the battery is non- removable.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

The Galaxy C9 Pro is known for its good internal storage and great configuration. It has a huge 6 inch screen with full HD AMOLED display and a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, and a density of 367 ppi. The smarphone is powered by quad core processors, Cortex A72 and Cortex A53. It also has a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 MSM8976 Pro and a massive 6 GB RAM. It’s GPU of Adreno 510 is a god sent for all gamers. It has a primary 16 mega pixel camera with CMOS image sensor, autofocus, dual color LED flash, ISO control and a 1.9f aperture. It has a internal storage of 64GB and can be escalated to 256 GB with a microSD. The device is 4g compatible and comes with a range of connectivity options like Wifi, mobile hotspot, bluetooth, GPS, Glonass, NFC and USB Type C.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

This smartphone is known for its aesthetic design and excellent cameras. It has a 6 inch screen with IPS LCD full HD display and pixel density of 367 ppi. There are two quadcore processors with 4GB RAM on a Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdrago 652 chipset. The device has a variety of sensors such as accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor and fingerprint ID. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It has a 16 mega pixel rear camera with LED flash, Autofocus and Digital zoom features. The camera has auto flash, continuous shooting, exposure compensation, face detection, geo tagging, high dynamic range mode, iso control, touch to focus and white balance presets. The phone has a 32 GB internal memory which can be extended to 126 GB using a microSD card. The device is 4g compatible and comes with a range of connectivity options like Wifi, mobile hotspot, bluetooth, GPS, Glonass, NFC and USB port. It has a non removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

The Galaxy C7 Pro is popular for its large display and ample storage capacity. The smartphone comes with a 5.7 inch super AMOLED FHD display that offers a pixel density of 386 ppi. It runs on Android 6.1 Marshmallow operating system. It has a fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the home button. It is powered by an octa-core, Snapdragon 626 processor, which runs at 2.2 GHz with a 4GB RAM. It has Adreno 506 graphics card which helps it perform efficiently while gaming. It has 16 mega pixel rear camera with dual LED flash and a 16 mega pixel front camera. It comes with a 64 GB internal storage capacity with an option to increase it to 256 GB with a microSD card. The device is 4g compatible and comes with a range of connectivity options like Wifi, mobile hotspot, bluetooth, GPS, NFC and USB Type C. It also has sensors like proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope etc.

As a boon of touchscreen technology Samsung came up with LED and LCD Displays where AMOLED is being incorporated in the present smart devices. This has set apart Samsung by being world’s-largest manufacturer of OLEDs, with a 40 % market share worldwide. It has successfully pushed itself into the field of wearable computing devices introducing Smart Watches enabling to keep a track of fitness, leave our phones behind too.

Samsung Mobile India

This multinational smart company rooted in India in December 1995.Presently a head ninja in the production of consumer electronics, IT and telecom products in the Indian market after a tremendous fight and competition. With the advent of lower-priced handsets, Samsung cast a grip on Indian market. It achieved record earnings in the third quarter of 2013.The operating profit of about US$9.4 billion from both Indian and Chinese markets. Samsung India is the Market leader in product categories like Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Panel TVs and many other products.

India happens to be the second largest smart phone market in the world with over 220 million users. There is still an immense potential for growth in the country, as new generation of smart phone users, demand more and want better. Samsung has always been known for its electronics, like TVs and washing machines. But lately it’s the smartphones that have taken the world by storm. Galaxy phones have been outselling iPhones in the world market. Samsung is the only company out there, other than Apple, that can have a product launch and have people lining up outside their stores from the day before. This never happened when Samsung unveiled its TV or washing machine. They must be doing something right to be attracting such vast crowds.

Samsung mobile has come out on the top as India’s most trusted brand. Not only in India, the world has taken notice of the excellent quality of mobile phones Samsung produces and sells. The phones themselves truly complement a user’s personality and adds value to their lives. Apart from the design, the range of apps and the quality of performance, make Samsung mobiles, one of the most sought after brands in the world. Even though Apple is leading the world markets in mobile phone sales, Samsung is not far behind. In the face of stiff competition from various Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has kept its reputation as a high quality producer of smart phones.

The Corby Series

Samsung mobile price list offers mobile phone for all the sectors of our country varying from poor, middle class to the higher class of the society. It has launched multimedia phones, phones for corporate customers and comparatively lower priced models aimed at bigger chunk of the market. Since 2008 the Samsung mobile price in India has varied from rs.1700 to Rs.28000 and beyond lately.

With one of the best Khans of Bollywood, Aamir Khan has been put under the light as the ambassador of Samsung India. The market penetration rate of Samsung has increased from 48% to 80% over the decade.

The ‘Corby’ series launched in 2009 acted as an affordable multimedia phone, coupled with affordable mobile internet sparked the frenzy among people. The entry of Galaxy series stole the privileged position from Apple iPhone and thus took the youth to a higher segment.  In all Samsung has over 50 successful models in India ranging from entry level to mid-range and advanced level.  Thus by catering to the needs of various customers. Samsung Mobile has victoriously ruled in the top of the pyramid.

CSR Initiatives

Apart from being the camera phone capturing the selfie of celebrities at the 86th Academy Awards hosted by Ellen, that broke the numbers on Twitter, Samsung Mobile has actively participated in social responsibilities. Its CSR programs respond to the social and environmental needs and seek to give back to communities that support the company. ‘Samsung Hope Project’ with projects associated in the areas like education, culture, sports, social welfare and community development was launched as a part of company’s Corporate Social Responsibility by Samsung. Hence Samsung has gained the perfect catalyst to advance as a successful company despite its controversies and rivalry with Apple i phones

Samsung mobile is one of the leading manufacturers of quality smartphones and is likely to stay that way for more years to come. It is it’s exemplary quality of services and devices that has kept it above its competition. It has managed to connect well with the customer base and has created a brand identity around them.